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ADI Training - PART 2
For the Part 2 driving test, you will need to demonstrate that you can drive to a very high standard, before a senior examiner from the DVSA. The part 2 test lasts approx 1hr. The aim of Part 2 driver training sessions, is to take your current driving standard to the next level. Most drivers who decide to become an ADI, have usually been driving for a lot of years and in that time have developed their own style of driving. As you are going on to teach new drivers the test is designed to make sure you are driving to the high DVSA standard, and have a full understanding of driving theory and how to appy it. This may be different from how you were taught to drive. During these sessions you will be coached on how to eliminate bad habits and improve your standard. The recommended amount of sessions for part 2 training is approx 10-12hrs.