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About AMC School Of Motoring

Learner Driver Training
New Learner driver lessons are conducted at the learning rate of the client. I adapt my lesson delivery style to suit the needs of the student. During your training, you will learn how to drive on a variety of different roads (town, rural, residential). You will also be taught how to control the car at slow speed in reverse allowing you to Park either forwards/backwards into a parking bay, reverse parallel park between two cars. Pulling up on either the left or right hand side of the road, and moving off safely and under control is also covered. Other skills you will learn, are how to navigate independantly using road signs or a Sat Nav unit and how to complete basic car maintenance checks. All of these skills and more are required for safe driving and will be tested when you take your practical driving test. To support your learning, in car training aids are used together with the latest training techniques and coaching styles allowing you to take control of your own learning rate.