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Confidence & Refresher help at AMC

Looking for help, here's what we can do for you
People have confidence issues when driving and may want some refresher training for many reasons. Could the reason be :
  • 1. Havnt driven in a long a time and now need to
  • 2. The volume of traffic is now much greater
  • 3. There are new rules and regulations
  • 4. Worried about confrontation with other road users
  • 5. Had an accident or a near miss.
  • 6. Parking in a busy car park.
  • We offer help and confidence boosting, by adapting to your needs. In the comfort and safety of our dual controlled car we will get you driving around a typical set of road conditions whilst helping you to overcome your worries. To help you battle your worries, we will customise/cover the below topics where appropriate.
  • 1. Forward planning and observation - Planning and observation reduces risk to you and others
  • 2. Anticipation - Learn to spot things before they become a problem
  • 3. Rules of the road - Ensure you are upto date so you dont upset others
  • 4. Dealing with adverse weather - Learn how different conditions can change things
  • 5. Advanced car control - Get the best out of you car
  • 6. Speed awareness - Know whats legal and also whats appropriate
  • 7. Dealing with road rage - How to avoid it and how to stay safe.
  • 8. Understand your confidence issues - Whats worrying you?, Motorways?, Roundabouts?, Parking?, Busy City Traffic? etc